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Festivals and Fairs in India


Festivals and Fairs in India

Festivals and Fairs in India are celebrated throughout the country with Great Spirit and devotion. festival reflects the traditional spirit and culture of the people of India. Religious festivals are celebrated by various communities living together in India. These fairs and festivals area unique symbol of national integrity and pride for the people of India. India is home to numerous religious, cultural and spiritual fairs and festivals. But there are some very popular festivals which are well known and are celebrated by Indians all over the world. Holi and Diwali are few of the most famous festivals in India. traditions and possessions are an important part of these fairs and festivals in India.

One of the most important region call Rajasthan. Here people love joyous celebrations, music, dance and Rajasthani love colors. We recommend come and visit Colorful Rajasthan.

Here we have presented below a list of some of the popular fairs and festivals Which is celebrated in Rajasthan-India.

All Festivals follow the Indian lunar calendar so every year festivals and Fairs dates change as per Hindu Calendar.

    Camel Festival in Bikaner- The Bikaner Camel Festival is organized in the city of Bikaner Rajasthan by the state's Tourism Department in January.

     Desert Festival in Jaisalmer comes in end of January or February.

      Gangaur Festival in Jaipur come in March and it celebrated in all Rajasthan but Jaipur is one of the icons of Jaipur tourism.

    Mewar Festival in Udaipur March or April, Elephant Festival in Jaipur March or April, Dussehra Festival October or November , Pushkar Camel Fair in Pushkar October or November

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