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Founded on : 1733
Founded by : Maharaja Suraj
State : Rajasthan
Geographical Area : 5,066 square kilometres
Population : 2.5 Million
Best time to travel : October - March
Avg High Temperature : 44c
Avg Low Temperature : 4c


About Bharatpur

Bharatpur is situated on the boarder of Agra (Uttar Pardesh). Bharatpur which is also known as “The Birds City” This is one of the former substantial states which is referred to as Eastern Gateway of Rajasthan. If you are planning to go to Bharatpur than you can also visit Fatehpur Sikri from Bhartpur just 25 KM and Agra is 70 KM.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in  Bharatpur

Lohargarh Fort:- This is one of the gigantic forts which are made up of iron and it was built in the eighteenth century. This fort is divided in various parts like Kishori Mahal, Khoti Khas, as well as Mahal Khas. One of the best part of this fort is that it has been able to stand still even after the dangerous attacks by the British armed force.

Jawahar Burj and Fateh Burj:- These are the powerful battlements of the fort. It is the building of Great Maharaj Suraj Mahal. The main purpose of building it was to celebrate his historical victories from the dynasties of British as well as Mughals. Government museum: This is also one of the most liked attractions of tourist. This museum comprises of various carved portraits as well as artifacts. These are actually best work of art and these are the ones that reflect royalty as well as heritage of this region.

Keoladeo National Park:- This is one of the well known bird sanctuary where in you will find various hunts out of prices of Bharatpur. This is one of the most beautiful sanctuaries where in you will find around four hundred various kinds of bird species. Apart from this there are innumerable festivals celebrated at this place which comprise of Gangaur Festival, Brij Festival and many more.


How to reach Bharatpur


Are you planning to visit this historical city? Well then there are various options for you that are through air, rail and road. Nearest In case you want to travel by air to this place then the nearest airport is the Agra Airport. It is just 56 kms away from Bharatpur. You have daily flights from the big cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and Varanasi also. If you want to reach this city by railway then you have regular trains passing through this place from track routes like Mumbai to Delhi, Agra and many more. And if you are planning to hire buses then there are lots of buses passing to and fro from this city. But in case you are a person who likes enjoying its privacy then you also have an option of hiring private vehicles.


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