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Founded on : 5000 year ago
Founded by : God Shiva
State : Uttar Pradesh
Geographical Area : 1550 square kilometres
Population : 3.7 Million
Best time to travel : October - March
Avg High Temperature : 36.1 (96.98)
Avg Low Temperature : 13.8(56.84)


About Varanasi

The name of the city Varanasi has been originated from the names of two rivers which are Varuna and Assi. The city is addressed as a holy place where one can see the combination of Hindu, Jains and Buddhists culture. The city is well known as a major pilgrimage destination for all Hindus and the presence of river Ganga has made the city one of the most famous historic place in the pages of Indian history. This place has a very unique culture and thus is a major destination for the foreign tourists.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in  Varanasi
The city of Varanasi is well known as a paradise for visitors as one can see a number of Hindu temples, Ashrams, beautiful scenario of nature and ever flowing rivers by travelling to this place. Besides Hindu temples, you can also come across with numerous Jain and Buddhist temples. There fore Varanasi can be called as a holy place where one can find the combination of more than one culture. Varanasi is also famous for its unique Banarasi silk sarees. It isa dream of every Indian girl to wear a banarasi silk saree on her wedding ceremony. You can make your wedding day special forever by wearing such dress materials. Besides silk sarees, Varanasi is also famous for mango, musical appliances and Mirzapur carpets. Therefore in case you havea desire to make your travel special and memorable forever, it will be a smart idea to visit such a holy place. This may allow you to have an outstanding traveling experience as well.
How to reach Varanasi
In case you have a desire to enjoy the beauty of such a place, you can travel to the place by roadway, railway or airway. The city can be easily accessible from all major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Hence one can easily reach at the place by the help of railway transport service. Except railway transport service, Varanasi city is also has outstanding roadway transport networks associated with bus and other mode of vehicle service. If you want to reach the place in a quicker duration of time, you can also grab the help of Indian airway services. There are so many national as well as private air-planes which can assist you to reach your destination without any sorts of trouble. You can also spend some time on the internet to gather information about all the historic places as well as Hotels available out there. This will really help you to reach at that place without any types of trouble.
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